What The Idea Is Not

What the idea is not and never will be:-

  • A movement or organisation. Any movement or organisation will comprise of people and will involved opinions that groups of people will not agree with. Those people can then no longer identify with that organisation and will not trust or listen to it. The idea is agnostic politically and morally. It allows anyone to understand it and agree with it (or disagree). It is purely an idea about getting people to face the reality we find ourselves in. A movement or organisation has the disadvantage of not being easy to change once it is created, because the people in it will, to a certain extend, resist change. We don’t have time to have things stagnate, we need ideas to develop fast and to be changed so they work, without resistance. It would be great to collaborate with some of the organisations to help the idea develop and get publicity – e.g. Extinction Rebellion, Fridays For Futures and the other great climate related charities like 350.org and Climate Outreach.
  • Fixed. See The Idea Is Not Fixed page for more details.

The idea is owned by you. It was only started by me.

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