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This website was drafted on paper on a Saturday, turned into a website on a Sunday and now I have to go back to work on a Monday.

If you think the idea described on this website could be useful and you agree that Abrupt Climate Change is a very urgent problem then you will agree that this should be my full time occupation, and even that more people should be working on it as well.

So… I’m looking for funding. My current job pays well, but I don’t have easy access to savings for personal reasons I won’t go into here, and so I would find it very hard to stop my current full time work without funding. I have a wife and two small children to pay for. See the About The Author page.

I am looking for £10,000 funding to cover me for 3 months. If I get that funding I will take the risk and try to get further funding after that if I can.

I am aware that the urgency of the situation now means that how much we achieve in the next weeks and months is critical. We haven’t got years or decades to work on this, by then it will be too late.

If I got funding full time I would spend 6 days a week 9 – 6 working on it doing:-

  • Development of the website
  • Developing and trying the ideas
  • Working with people facing climate reality to learn how best to support them
  • Publicising the idea
  • Working with other organisations like XR and the Climate Psychology Alliance.
  • Talking to government, business, philanthropists, climate organisations and wealthy/powerful individuals about the idea.

Without funding I will carry on, but will be working at about 0.25 of the speed, which means things will take a lot longer to move forward.

I will continue to develop the idea and help people to face climate reality and I will be recording my progress in a Vlog and a Blog. Once I have been doing this for a while the results should help make it clearer how useful the idea is – either for showing us why people are not changing or for showing us how best to learn to change.

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